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Imagine your best friend, favorite doctor, and trusted how-to-blog — all rolled into one. Hela was built by and for women seeking answers to questions about fertility, contraception, products, resources and more. We’re a team of mothers, engineers, birth-control users, and savvy shoppers looking to help women around the world get access to the best, most innovative products and resources available today. 


We built Hela Health because we are firm believers that every woman should have the right resources and tools to take control of her health and wellness journey. There are so many great tools for use today anywhere, anytime to help, but we all spend way too much time searching for what’s available, trustworthy, and to get the right support alongside those tools from medical experts and peers.


The bottom line: You don't have to experience your health journey alone. On Hela, you can find the tools to pursue their health goals with the support you need.

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Meet the world’s leaders in women’s health and wellness. Together, we are reimagining how health and wellness is delivered to the modern woman.

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Hela Leadership

Hela Health was founded by Gal Brenner and Cathy Sebag, two product managers who have designed and launched products together related to cervical cancer space. The initial idea was born of a passion for women’s health innovation, and the fear that new technologies didn’t have the right environment for scaled adoption and integration into everyday life. Upon speaking with hundreds of women, they found that 95% of the women they spoke with didn’t know about the innovations that were available. The idea for a one stop shop was born, and the rest is history.










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Hela Health

Hela Standards


Everything on Hela Health goes through a rigorous review process with our experts. Our standards include:

  • The product or service has sufficient clinical evidence and/or published studies to meet its claims. 

  • The product or service approach or offering is in line with medical society guidelines and standard of care. 

  • The product or service is based on a well-known or established biomarker, standard of care, or known evidence based approach. If it is experimental but shows promising impact, a disclaimer that is shown of the experimental status.

  • The product or service takes an innovative approach to solving a women’s health and wellness need or significantly improves a current method to make it more user friendly. 

  • The product or service has women on its executive and/or design team.

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