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Basics of Egg Freezing

We will review ovarian physiology, what eggs do, how they change with age. We will talk about how egg freezing works and how to optimize chances for success. We will review the optimal time for egg freezing. The risks and benefits of the procedure.


We will begin reviewing ovarian physiology, how eggs grow, why age plays such a significant role in egg quantity and quality. We will move to a step-by-step guide of what happens during the treatment – what a patient will do and what her doctor will do. We will then discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure followed by a live question and answer session with the audience.


The class is for those considering egg freezing, or with loved ones considering egg freezing. It is for those interested in having a family, but not ready at this time to began that family.

Presented by

Dr. David Kulak: reproductive endocrinologist at GENESIS Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Brooklyn. After completing medical school and residency at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine he pursued a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Rutgers University. In addition to his fertility practice, he has a special interest in diet and nutritional enhancements’ impact on fertility.

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