Class 3 - The art and science of weight-loss

In these unprecedented times, health is reaffirmed as our most valuable and sacred asset.  Being overweight or obese increases our risk of disease – from COVID-19 to heart disease and cancer, and many additional diseases.  This lecture series will help you to make small changes now that will have big impact in the future.

Each class with have two elements: one part explanation (science), one part active learning (art), which will build upon future classes. It will be very light and approachable in its delivery. 

Class 3:

Science – Discussing 5 FDA approved weight loss medications for long-term use; evidence-based tools for weight loss maintenance (often the hardest part of weight loss)

Art – Review Food/Stress Log from Previous Class and Introduce Tool #3: CBT to understand poor food/activity/stress management decisions

Presented by Dr. Alexandra Sowa is a board-certified physician of internal medicine and obesity medicine specialist. She is the founder and CEO of SoWell Health, a membership weight-loss and metabolic wellness practice in NYC. She is also a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health.