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Considering Birth Centers during COVID19

This special webinar will be co-led by Trinisha Williams, CM, Director of Midwifery at Brooklyn Birthing Center, Fran Schwartz and Dr. David Kulak, OB/Gyn and reproductive endocrinologist to cover the following:

  • What is a birth center?

  • How to choose a safe and licensed option

  • Differences in a hospital and birth center delivery (what's important consider in the decision making process)

  • Safety precautions during COVID-19 in birth centers

  • Payment and insurance

  • Communicating with existing provider and continuum of care

  • Links to approved resources from medical societies

Presented by

Dr. David Kulak: reproductive endocrinologist at GENESIS Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Brooklyn. After completing medical school and residency at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine he pursued a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Rutgers University. In addition to his fertility practice, he has a special interest in diet and nutritional enhancements’ impact on fertility.

Trinisha Williams: Director of Midwifery at Brooklyn Midwifery Group and is an experienced midwife and educator. She currently teaches midwifery students at SUNY Downstate and attends home, hospital, and birthing center deliveries.

Fran Schwartz: has vast experience in the healthcare business of maternity care and birthing centers. She is the founder of Integral Healthcare for Women, a consulting company for ob providers and birthing centers across the country and recent founder of MyBirthSpace, a start-up to connect birthing centers in a provider network of centers of excellence for direct contract payment by employers.

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