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How to Max Chances of Natural Conception

We will cover the physiology of conception. What it takes to get pregnant and how environmental factors can affect those chances. We will talk about strategies for increasing the chances of conception, both for men and women.


We will talk about how to optimize fertility health, through nutrition and social factors. We will talk about timing and frequency of sex. We will talk about what is normal and what is abnormal time to pregnancy and when to see a physician.


The class is for those trying to conceive or who are interested in knowing more for future attempts at pregnancy.

Presented by Dr. David Kulak: reproductive endocrinologist at GENESIS Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Brooklyn. After completing medical school and residency at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine he pursued a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Rutgers University. In addition to his fertility practice, he has a special interest in diet and nutritional enhancements’ impact on fertility.

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