Pregnancy in the Digital Age

Did you know that more than 6 American million women will be pregnant in 2020?

Pregnancy can be an exciting, overwhelming, and scary experience all at the same time. In fact, more than 20% of all pregnant women experience diagnosed anxiety during their pregnancy. That’s in addition to some sometimes unpleasant side effects including morning sickness to bleeding gums, itchy skin, more frequent UTIs and yeast infections, bloating and so much more.

The good news is that pregnancy in the digital era can be pretty awesome. A new generation of apps, wearables, sensors, and more are available to help you track your pregnancy and bring a sense of calm.

Some are focused on general well being, others to increase knowledge, and some cutting edge technology designed to help you track your baby’s development.

We’re highlighting some of our favorite pregnancy products available in the US today.


Baby2body: Your personal fitness coach for pregnancy. We love the daily workouts to help keep you in shape — in fact, our pregnant CEO uses these videos to get in workouts on the go all the time, while keeping calm that they are safe. The app also includes guided meditations, tips to get you energized, top dietary tips, skincare and fashion tips and a lot of information to keep you and your little one healthy.

Prenatal Workout: This basic app allows you to do prenatal yoga with instructors. We love that you can log on, do a workout without special equipment, and finish in 20 minutes. It’s divided in stages to make sure the workouts are suitable for your stage of pregnancy.

Aaptiv: This is a popular app you may have heard of for workouts on the go but did you know they have a special pregnancy series? The guided audio workout app has quite a bit of expert programs designed specifically for pregnancy, segmented by your trimester.

High Tech Tools

Bellabeat: This wearable contraction monitor syncs directly with an app to allow you to see, count, and time your contractions. It’s small, lightweight, and comfortable, and sticks to your belly — no straps or belts. This is really an informational tool to learn about your pregnancy and see patterns and frequency of contractions.

Bellabeat Spring: This app connected water bottle works to help ensure you stay hydrated! Spring tracks your daily hydration and sends you regular reminders to help you establish a healthy hydration habits. It calculates the optimal amount of water for your body based on your activity level, age, height, weight, local weather and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Glow Nurture: Glow Nurture is a pregnancy tracker app that allows you to customize what you want to see and know. You can track your baby’s size, development milestones, birth countdown, and can access lots of articles on pregnancy. Don’t miss their awesome hospital bag and registry checklists, fetal development images, and medication reminders.

The Bump: This comprehensive app helps you prepare for each doctor’s visit throughout your pregnancy shows interactive 3D visualization of baby’s growth, gives access to lots of informational articles and showcases some pretty cool baby products and reviews across all major retailers

Flo: Pregnancy mode allows you to track your baby’s development and learn the essentials of being a parent with special visual and articles developed by medical experts and many tools like due date by ultrasound calculator and many more.

Sprout: This interactive apps provides you and your partner a 3D view of your baby throughout your pregnancy that’s pretty surreal. You can track developments weekly and access tools to make sure things seems to being going well including a weight tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. Like Glow, the checklists are also helpful.

kickTrack: Tracking kicks is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. You can track through an app but if you want some more assurance, this cool device gives a physical way to track those baby kocks and a log to work with your healthcare provider.


Binto: Binto’s personalized supplements help provide daily relief from morning sickness and constipation, and support healthy fetal growth and development, all with the convenience of a monthly subscription. Binto supplements are formulated, and founded, by licensed women’s health professionals.

Pregnancy relief

Elle Tens Machine: Not yet so popular in the states but all the rage in the United Kingdom, this tens machine helps some women reduce pain during labor, natural or medicated. The device is placed on your back and attached to a remote. When you have a contraction, you can use the buttons that basically stimulate the muscles and nerves with safe electrical pulses and vibrations. Check with your provider to see if this tool might be right for you.

BioBand: We don’t know about you but the first 3 months of pregnancy of our pregnant CEO were filled with nausea and she was lucky to keep down a piece of toast. Bio bands really saved her and helped with morning sickness, which who knew can last way beyond the morning. This bracelet is drug- and chemical-free that uses pressure points (acupressure) on the wrist that can help relieve nausea.


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