The Breastfeeding Tools You Need to Know About in 2020

80% of new moms in the US are breastfeeding today but that doesn't mean feeding your little one is always the easiest task. From latching to storing pumped milk, and relieving anxiety on if your baby is getting enough milk with the right nutrients, there are a whole lot of challenges that can go alongside feeding as a modern woman.

We’re showcasing some of our favorite tools that can help support you on your unique journey. For exclusive discounts on these products up to 30% off, you can sign up for the Hela Health platform today at

Milkies Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle

This is an awesome starter kit for new breastfeeding moms to save your milk and keep your body and mind as healthy as possible. This cute little bundle includes the following items but what we love most is the milkies milk saver- if you are a working mom or want to save some milk for feeds by a partner, then this is an awesome way to improve feeding and pumping efficiency.

  • Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm – For dry, sore nipples. Apply to the entire nipple after each feeding.

  • Nursing Time Tea – loose leaf tea to help with for optimal nutritional support.

  • Milkies Milk Saver – collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down. Once you’ve finished your breastfeeding session, simply transfer the collected milk into storage containers and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to feed your baby at a later time.

  • Softies Nursing Pads – Simply slip our pad into your bra or snug tank with the soft bamboo layer positioned against your breast.

Nurture by Imalac

This awesome accessory is the next best thing to another set of hands! The Nurture breast massage system is a pump accessory that provides the benefits of hands-on pumping without the inconvenience of manual compression. This system uses a special bra that has attachable massage cups and adjustable massage settings using an app so you can create the perfect custom massage. It helps with increasing the amount of milk you pump, decreasing the time spent you spend pumping, improving the nutritional content of the milk you express, reducing the occurrence of clogged ducts and mastitis, and getting relief from painful breast engorgement.

What’s great about this product is that it helps you express milk faster, totally hands free, so you can spend less time pumping whether you are at work or home. It's especially helpful to relieve breast engorgement and you can use this great tool with almost any pump on the market.


Breastfeeding can be really overwhelming, especially if it's your first experience doing so. We think of the Mylee as your personal coach that can help you learn about your supply, how to more efficiently feed, and identify potential risks early so you can get the help you need without panicking. This super innovative and high tech device and mobile App helps you navigate breastfeeding by scanning a few drops of your milk and receiving immediate feedback on your breastfeeding. The MyMilk cloud-based algorithm generates personal insights and alarms so that you can see your milk supply progress in real time, see the differences between the breasts, and balance your supply​, help you understand cues of breastfeeding adequacy​, and identify risk of low milk supply.

This product is for use by breastfeeding moms starting within the first days after birth. To enable any mother to be proactive about her breastfeeding success. It is best to use the product in coordination with a physician and/or a lactation consultant.

The MyMilk Nutritional Profiling Lab Test

Whether you're experiencing breast pain or have a special diet, these tests are so easy to use, packed with analysis and information that comes straight to you, and gives information helpful in working with your medical and care team to ensure the health of mom and baby are addressed from the comfort of your living room.

The MyMilk nutritional profiling Lab test allows you to test the nutritional content of your breast milk from the comfort of your home. Results include breastmilk vitamin composition (Vitamin B6, B12, A, % fat, energy) and personal nutritional recommendations based on your own results and habits. The milk sampling kit is all you need to send your breast milk to analysis. Note: It may be important to check your nutritional content if you are vegan/vegetarian, have less than 3 year space between birth, have food/dietary restrictions, are on a weight loss diet, have a history of low vitamin absorption, have a gastrointestinal condition, are at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, had a premature baby or a baby with a low birthweight, or are simply curious!