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What To Eat: Conception and Pregnancy

We will discuss nutrients that are imperative for optimal fertility health. We will discuss what the body needs when trying to get pregnant, during early pregnancy and late in pregnancy. We will discuss common vitamins and supplements that are available and if they are helpful.


We will begin by discussing nutritional needs for conception and early pregnancy and late in pregnancy. We will then discuss alternative vitamins and “alternative,” “holistic,” and non-evidence based supplements that are available and marketed towards women in their reproductive phase of life.

WHO THIS IS FOR Individuals that are pregnant, trying to get pregnant in the near or not-so-near future. Those interested in optimal reproductive nutrition and those looking to know the evidence or theories behind different nutritional supplements.

Presented by: Dr. David Kulak: reproductive endocrinologist at GENESIS Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Brooklyn. After completing medical school and residency at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine he pursued a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Rutgers University. In addition to his fertility practice, he has a special interest in diet and nutritional enhancements’ impact on fertility.

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